Real Beauty is The Smile of GOD

After hearing the word “Beauty”, we surely think of happiness that soothes our mind and heart.

Actually it has two meanings. If we consider it as apparent then it will be outer or facial Beauty. Otherwise it will be considered as inner-self of human beings. Inner beauty is actually reflected by face in true sense, but facial beauty also matters a lot. To enhance the beauty of face, the maintenance is essential. Facial beauty is no doubt blessed or gifted to us by Allah Almighty, but to enhance this bounty we must take care of it with suitable precautions.

In true sense, Beauty is the “Smile of God”. Here are some authentic tips to maintain facial beauty:-

  1. Take a lot of water daily, approximately 8 glasses throughout the day.
  2. When wakeup in the morning, take two glass of water well before breakfast then with intervals.
  3. Wash your face daily with face-wash, which are available in the market according to your skin (dry, oily, normal) instead of soap. Try this practice at-least 2 times specially in morning and in evening before going to bed.
  4. Use cleansing milk at night and cleanse your face thoroughly. Pure milk or extracted rose water be used for cleansing. Cotton or soft tissues be utilized for applying milk or rose water on face gently.
  5. Daily use raw or uncooked vegetables as salad. Make it your regular habit.
  6. Take proper hygienic diet, which is beneficial for health and skin also.
  7. Use Moisturizing lotion at night that will be helpful for the freshness of your skin.

These tips are finite but possess valuable effects. Exercising them regularly will surely give you a better skin and also paved the way for healthy journey of life.

Some Natural Wedding Makeup Ideas

On your big day, you definitely want to look exceptional. With just a bit care about your makeup can make your special day more special. Instead of wearing thick layers of powder and seven coats of mascara, there should be something light that can maintain your natural look while making you more attractive. Here are some natural wedding makeup ideas that will surely work for you:

Some Natural Wedding Makeup Ideas

  • Shimmery shadow will look excellent as it will add fresh, vibrant look. It will help you maintain natural look. It will add stunning look to your overall makeup and boost your beauty.
  • Applying, baby pink lipstick, will double your complementary blush. You can stipple it on cheeks that will add more glamour look while keeping your outlook natural.
  • Pleasing dark coral shade on your lips will just strike as you wear red every day. If you will balance it with soft shimmer shadow, it will create a bridal pallet that will look elegant and glamorous. It will just look great and superb according to your big day accessories.
  • To make your face fresh and flushed, you need to use a cream cheek color. After it, dust a powder blush on top will make the color pop and you will feel like extraordinary. Just layer on the blush and add as appealing look to your persona as you want.
  • Directly applying eyeliner on the eyelid will snatch your natural look. Don’t do this. Apply the liner underneath the top lashes as it will make your eyes very crisp. Moreover, applying liner in this way will not take away from the size and shape of the lid.
  • Apply fresh pinch of color onto your cheeks as it will make you prettier.

Urban Clothes Men – Choices

Everything is important in the world of fashion from nail paints to dressing. As women are keen and conscious about what they are wearing, men are no different. They are also stylish and seek for new fashion trends to make their personalities charming. Your personality is best reflected by your dressing choice. Urban clothes are just elegant and stylish to make your wardrobe collection perfect and outstanding. With urban clothes men, you will stand out from the crowd although; some suggestions are here-under to add to your persona.

What to Select?

T-shirts, hoodies, jeans, jackets and footwear are excellently featured to add unique look to your personality. You can choose perfect one for your casual wear. Despite of you will have casual wear but still, your impression will last in others’ minds just as you wore something exceptional. When it comes to design range of urban clothes, hat is also added in the range of styles with many clothing accessories. Pents are quite loose and come in variety of different styles, designs and cuts so that they can match with different tastes.

Color choices are several like dark colors to vibrant as well as colored articles. Depending on your personal taste and preferences, you can go with the color you like most. Best way to choose right match of your personality to present yourself is selecting the design that relates to the street or urban landscape where you live. You can easily achieve unique and individual design qualities that will not common. Urban clothes are actually meant to create unique design for those who believe themselves to be urban. For such people, it is best way to highlight themselves among others.