Hot Spring Jewelry Trends

Jewelry is foremost ornament women love to add to their dressing accessories. Are you ready for upcoming spring season and have you planned about jewelry accessories that you will wear with your dress collection? We’ve brought some helpful tips for you that will surely work for you in spring season and if you will move with them, you will make your personality grooming, attractive and more charming.

Spring Jewelry Trends

Accessorize Spring Tops

Modern floral are excellent for finishing touches. If you will combine them with edgy extras, it will surely be inspired landing strip. You can use safety pin jewels which look delicate and may seem dangerous at once but if you will use them carefully, they can really make your personality as impressive as you want it to be. Similarly your shoes! Your shoes don’t have to work a lot to make your outfit pop. You just need to accessorize bright dress with nude sandals and you will bam. One of the spring jewelry trends for you is bowed headband. This hairpiece will add contrast with a darker design and would be an excellent accessory with your sliver colored dress.

With your lining shirt combination of black and white strips, adding black colored big bag will look excellent. Adding either solid or soft bag will make your appearance impressive. In clothing, black is preferred color and usually combined with white and gold. When it comes to jewelry trends, pearls are always intended to made appearance excellent. Some jewelry trends have won fashioners’ passion with black, pearls and statement collars. There are many statement collars in all colors but most of them are in silver. According to your personality and preferences, you can choose perfect dressing.

Fashion Tips for Women

Becoming fashionable is desire of everyone who wants to become prominent by polishing his/her personality. If you want to keep yourself updated with latest fashion trends, here are some fashion tips that will help you enhancing your personality while following what is in and what is out. Follow these to create your own style statement:

You should select the right accessories that can pair up with attire and dressing. Wong combination of accessories will give you artificial look. You can add impressive look to your outfit and personality if you will make right selection of accessories. You should try to minimize the jewelry while you are going to wear grand dress as it will give you very elegant look.

One of the fashion tips is selecting right attire. Until or unless you won’t choose what actually will suit you most, you can’t make your personality attractive and glowing. For this, you need to consider your body first so that you can choose right dress according to your physique and personality. If you will try to wear everything i.e. just in-fashion, but it won’t actually suit you, you can’t become fashionable.

Another tip for women in context of becoming fashionable is choosing necklines. Necklines are greatest mean of increasing style statement. For making your neck look longer, you should opt for V necks. You can choose boat necks to appeal attractive shoulders. Most commonly, people like to wear square necklaces. If you will consider your body type first while choosing the neckline, you will get the best one that will appeal your personality.

Bags are also important and you should carry one according to your body shape. If your body is small framed, you can move with small or black bag that will look attractive while carrying.

Islam And today’s Fashion

Fashion in islam is very debatable we go to the different scholars they have a different view point about this topic.But if we study the islam then we know that the islam have a very clear point of view on this topic.In now days the meaning of fashion is to look unreal by adopting  unreal styles.Lots of bad habits and bad things are shifted in our society in the name of fashion and styles.Now days boy are chossing that colors which meant to only we saw that the boys wear jewelry that girls are using in past.same as girls wear that kind of clothes which look like as a boys somehow we can said that mostly girls and boys wear showy clothes.Islam is not allowing that kind of clothes which are look like showy type .Our holly prophet cursed on that a men who made himself or acting like a women or a women who made herself or acting like a men or adopting the manner of each others .Now days we see that a lot of boys keep there hair long same as girls and the makeup himself as a girls.similarly the girls have a short hairs now,In the light of our holly prophet saying it is not allowed in islam. There is no place in islam for those dressing which you wear and you are a still naked.That’s kind of dressing attract the others to the sins.And it is not possible to go in heaven by doing like these kind of sins.Many designer are also doing their work as the name of Islamic fashion but they are just spreading the sins.there is no place for that’s kind of fashion because it is against the teaching of islam.