Useful Makeup Advice for Teens

You should take makeup advice especially if you are going to wear makeup for the first time. Getting expert makeup advice for teens will let you know how you can make your personality glowing and add charming look to your persona via makeup. Foremost thing you should keep in your mind is it shouldn’t look awkward when you’ve painted your face. For teens, expert advice is as below that will surely serve you in right way:

  • You want to enhance your features thus, less is more. It means, you need to apply little makeup instead of making its layers on your face. You surely don’t want to look you’ve spend hours on applying thick layers of makeup. You should try to apply minimal amount of makeup as it will not only be beneficial for your skin but it will give you natural look. For teens, there is no need of applying lots of foundation or any at all. It’s better to use only tinted moisturizer with lighter formula. If you want to cover blemishes of your face, lightly dab concealer on specific areas needed.
  • Turning to eyes, go ahead with a little bit of eye shadow. Apply medium shade eye shadow that can help you maintain an everyday look. To make your eye attractive, applying little mascara to your lashes is an excellent idea. If your eyes are blue, you can enhance them by applying brown mascara and if you are having dark eyes, slightly darker mascara will work best.
  • In order to retain fresh look, opt for lip gloss. Using lip gloss instead of dark lipstick will give you natural look. It will give you shimmery glow if you will skip heavy or bright lipstick.

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