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sehar’s mother is bossy. She has to have her way in every-thing. Sometimes, Sehar becomes furious and argues with her mother rudely. Nazia complains that her mother does not spend enough time with her. Her mother works in an office. When she comes home, she is very tired and has to manage the house-hold chores, too. Nazia feels neglected. She is so fed up that she talks to her mother only when it can’t be avoided.
Both Nazia and Sehar have serious problems with their mothers and they are justified to some extent but what about their own behaviour? Consider w h a t Santa has to say w h o h e j u s t lost her mother. M y mom’s dia­betes and heart problem made me
become closer to her. I took care of all her needs. I used to pray for her recovery for I was afraid of losing her. I wished I had cared for her like that before her sickness! I truly realised her value when the fear of losing her set in. We all love our mothers, but we hardly realise their importance until the time of parting comes along. My mother is in a better place, but I truly wish I had taken more care of her during all those years when she was com­pletely fine. I wish I had tolerated her harsh words and restrictions with a good grace.” The truth Have you ever taken care of a newly born baby? A mother has to sacri­fice her personal interests and dreams to look after her children. She has to take great pains to pro­tect and care for her children so that they grow up in the best pos­sible way. And, if she is a working woman, then she really has one of the toughest lives there is.What does she mean?
Whenever you are in pain or trouble, you cry out for “Mom” or “Ammi”. This is because your mother can go to any extentto help you in your hour of need or p a i n . Making you h a p p y lightens up her world a n d brings immense pleasure to her heart. It is only your mother whom you can trust without any fear.
Greeting cards, flowers, gifts, eating out and all that. Anna Jarvis, the pioneer of Mother’s Day, became so upset with the day’s commercialisation that she started protesting against the way its celebrations have evolved into. To her, Mother’s Day is more than giving of gifts, greeting cards and flowers to mothers; or taking them out for lunch/dinner. It signifies remembering and inculcating the true spirit of mother’s love. Just a card, a gift, flowers or eating out can in no way repay for what mothers do for us. So look beyond just these things to cele­brate Mother’s Day.

A mother’s psychology.

These are some of the statements that most of us have heard from our mothers time and again.
* When will you get home?
* How are you feeling now?
* I never behaved like that with my parents.
* You want to know why? Because I say so!
* You are too young for this!
* You never listen to me!
It is important to understand how a teenager’s mother feels in general, She understands that her children} are growing up, but is afraid that her children might get astray or pick some bad habits. So naturally she is worried about them. Ycu need to understand this, and, most importantly, you need to realise why she imposes restrictions on you. It is just that your mother wants you to have the best ,,of everything and keep you away from troubles What you need to do
Mothers want us to be with them when they are down or feeling low or have a problem. They want us ip make them proud with our behave lour, attitude or achievement.
You are most welcome to share their domestic chores and ogler things that your mom really . It always pays to talk to your moth­er and ask what she wants frpm you. This can help bridge so many gaps between you and your moth­er.
Be with her whenever she needs support; and never do anything to hurt her.

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