The ayurvedic Way

tired fired of the usual, exorbitantly ex-pensive, beauty and health products that don’t even deliver half of the miracles their ad campaigns aver? Well, why not try out the ayurvedic approach?
While it does not claim to perform any over-night beauty miracles, ayurveda’s holistic phi­losophy for well-being and beauty enhance­ment is sure to entice you in a big way because it works, its impact is long lasting, it has no side effects and most importantly, it does not drill a big hole in your pocket.
Derived from the Sanskrit words: ayyr (life) and veda (knowledge), this 2,500-year-old philosophy is not merely skin deep; it encompass-. es a complete way of living a healthy, balanced and beautiful life.
Zehra Azim, the passion behind the recently established Ayurvedic Skin Clinic in Islamabad, is a devout ayurvedic aficionado and is totally committed to winning over Pakistani women to the wonders of ayurvedic beauty care. A disciple of “Herbal Queen’ Shahnaz Hussain, Zehra has not only studied at the Harley Street, London School but has also trained with her mentor and teacher in India, specialising in ayurvedic body and face thera­py, and treatment.
“In Ayurveda it is the `inside’ and not the `outside’ that is important, so we do not claim to work any miracles but we do assure results that are long lasting, which will provide you a healthy life” says Zehra as she explains the philosophy behind her work.
Working with the outlook that the task of making you look beautiful on the outside firstbegins with making you beautiful from inside, Zehra utilises the training and expertise she re­ceived at Puncharma Institute, Delhi offering pearl, gold and diamond facials. “We use pearl, gold and diamond dust which revitalises the skin,” she explains. “The facials are used ac-cording to the complexion of the face. For ex-ample, with white and fair skin, gold gives amazing results.” Special oils are also used and all treatments focus on the whole body for which only natural ingredients are used, en-compassing ayurvedic treatments.
Hair being a vital area, a number of special­ised services are offered — like hair masking, hair tonics, etc. “All our products come from natural roots.”Since the word `massage’ in our society of-ten evokes negative connotations, Zehra, through her work, is also doing her bit to con­vey to the public the true meaning and essence of massage. “Massage is healing of the body and soul, it is the biggest art and is a treatment that is not provided by doctors.
“We also offer body wraps which are great for dry, sensitive skin and also help in weight reduction — it gives a new life to the skin and body.”
Having also studied the Dhara (flow) techni­que, Zehra swears by the wonders it performs on the central nervous system, profoundly re­laxing the mind. “It is ideal for mental stress’ and related problems like insomnia and depres­sion and is performed on the head or on the body or both,” she explains. “It is also great for mothers both before and after delivery, being helpful for both mother and child.”

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