Sweet nothings

one of life’s unfair rules is that any-thing that is worth eating is too sugary, too greasy or simply not availa­ble. Take sweets, for example. They are yummy, feel-good, com­fort foods of the first order. It’s a different story that we curse them later when we discover those cou­ple of extra inches around the waist or an extra filling in our teeth. But all is not lost, it seems. There are still some good, old sweet foods that that will not make our cholesterol level shoot up or take us on a mile-long guilt trip.
On the contrary, they are great substitutes for harmful foods and contribute to good health. These foods include marshmallows, mar­malade, chocolates and even ice cream! And the best part is that byreplacing fatty and extremely sug­ary foods with these, we can still manage to satisfy our sweet tooth.
Marshmallows and pastilles Health-wise, it is better to eat marshmallows than creamy cakes as they contain significantly less calories. This delicacy is benefi­cial for our muscles, strong im­munity and even brain. It is also great for our hair, nails and blood vessels. The best time to eat this treat is in the afternoon, when glu­cose level in the blood takes a dip.
Marmalade contains pectin, agar or gelatin. The first is extracted from apples, watermelons, citrus rinds, sunflower baskets and sugarbeets. The second is derived from brown and red algae (seaweed), and the third is an animal protein. Far more useful than sugar, mar­malade reduces cholesterol in the blood, normalises the work of ali­mentary canal and removes toxins.
Muesli breakfast is deservingly called a beauty breakfast. It re­duces cholesterol level in the blood and helps improve diges­tion. Muesli is rich in potassium, phosphorus, calcium and iron and helps to maintain the balanced function of the nervous system.
Ice cream
It is very easy to blame ice cream for its high caloric content, but it’s not as bad as that. Ice cream contains 30 minerals, 20 vi­tamins, many useful enzymes and about 20 protein amino acids. Moreover, it has been scientifical­ly proven that ice cream lifts our mood, leaving us with a sense of joy and satisfaction.
By its caloric value honey is similar to sugar; however it con­tains more vitamins and minerals
as compared to its white competi­tor, Among its numerous healing properties honey helps our body to cope with cold.
Chocolate is the best antioxi­dant. Have you ever noticed that when we feel low, we crave for a piece of chocolate? Scientists have noted this as well and proved that chocolate “stimulates brain activity. Besides, thanks to its polifenolam component, choc­olate protects blood vessels from devastating impacts of free radi­cals.
The word halva is Arabic for sweet. It contains a good amount of proteins and fibre, minerals and oils. Even though halva is a high-caloric product, it does help in rejuvenating and improving functions of the di­gestive and nervous systems. Depending on their ingredients vari­ous halvas are rich in protein, so­dium, iron, copper and magnesium.
Indulging ourselves in our favour­ite sweets helps improve the bluest of our moods; but we should know the right time to say “enough” and brush our teeth immediately after eating anything sweet.

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