Amber Heard was called out for spewing lies in court

Amber Heard alleged ‘Me too without and Me Too’ says Johnny Depp’s lawyer

Amber Heard was called out for spewing lies in court.

Amber Heard claimed she is a victim of domestic abuse without any domestic abuse, says Johnny Depp’s lawyer. 

Benjamin Chew, in his closing arguments at Virginia’s Fairfax County Courthouse on Friday, said: “You have now come to know the real Amber Heard.” Scary.”

“Before Ms Heard, no woman ever – no woman ever before Ms Heard – ever claimed Mr Depp ever raised a hand to her,” he claimed to the court.

“And no other woman since Ms Heard has made a false claim since.

“This is Me Too without any Me Too,” he said.

Mr Chew went on to dispute that: “Mr Depp is no saint, and he has never claimed to be one.”

He continued to discuss that Mr Depp has “owns his flaws”.

“But he is not a violent abuser,” and Ms Heard’s “accusations caused more harm to Mr Depp than her fists ever did.”

“Mr Depp will go to his grave – no matter the outcome of this trial – knowing people who once looked up to him will believe he beat a woman,” Mr Chew told the court.