Italian named

Beyoncé is not black just an Italian named Ann: US politician goes on a twisted rant

A twisted conspiracy plan of vocal substation Beyoncé has been circulating on social media that claims she really been faking her African American identity. 

The conspiracy theory upon the 38-year-old singer was made by KW Miller, running to represent Florida’s 18th Congressional District in the general election of the United States in November.

Miller made the twisted remarks on Twitter, saying the pop star has been hiding her true identity and is really an Italian named Ann Marie Lastrassi who has been faking being black.

“Beyoncé is not even African American. She is faking this to exposure. Her real name is Ann Marie Lastrassi. She is Italian,” he said.

He went on to say that the singer’s song Formation did chockfull of cryptic messages that suggest she is secretly a Satanist.

“You all do know that Beyoncé’s song “Formation” held secret coded information to the globalists I certainly hope? The song clearly indicated that she was demonic and that she worshipped in the Satanist churches located in Alabama & Louisiana. She keeps Satanist symbols in her bag,” he alleged.

Soon after Miller’s strange statement, common media users were sent in a tizzy while some proposed the politician needs professional help as he doesn’t seem to be in the right state of mind.