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Britney Spears’s mother Lynne files to inclusion into her finances amid #FreeBritney row

American pop singer Britany Spears becomes unleashed chaos on the internet after reports came afloat about her conservatorship.

As per the latest on the singer, her mother Lynne Spears to has entered the picture as she filed legal documents appealing to be included into her daughter’s finances, particularly a trust that comprises most of Britney’s assets.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the pop icon’s mother filed the docs to the Los Angeles County Court at Monday seeking special notice about all matters of the SJB Revocable Trust of Britney.

The trust was established back in 2004 by the singer to shield her assets but her name was scrapped after she did put in conservatorship in 2008 with “temporary successors of the trust” being selected by the court.

Her mother’s appeal comes into the midst of circulating concerns regarding Britney’s conservatorship as fans have now sparked a ‘Free Britney’ movement.

A petition has also been making rounds within order to help Britney get her own lawyer to settle the fiasco.