Does Meghan Markle turn into a doctor? Title slip-up leaves public puzzled

Meghan Markle has set foot in a variety from different divisions but recently surfaced blunder may have left her fans in stitches.

The Duchess of Sussex, 38, was mistakenly referred to as a ‘doctor’ on one of the government websites in the United Kingdom.

According to a report by The Sun, the former actor was referred to being Dr. The Duchess of Sussex on the website leading many into pondering whether or not Meghan was given this new puzzling title during her time as a working royal.

However, the title was soon brushed off as a gaffe made by the officials while sources confirmed to the publication that duchess has not been bestowed with the ‘doctor’ title.

“We are currently looking into this matter,” a representative from Companies House told the British tabloid.

“The duchess does definitely not a doctor. I must admit doing a double-take when I saw Meghan had been made a doctor. She has been called a lot of things but I had never heard Doctor Meghan,” a royal source was quoted as saying.