Elton John

Elton John to be honored by UK’s Royal Mint with a new commemorative coin

LONDON: Elton John has become the second artist to be honored by Britain’s Royal Mint. 

It was reported on Monday that the celebrated British singer-songwriter will be paid a shining tribute through a commemorative coin given to him.

The coin, designed by artist Bradley Morgan Johnson, depicts John’s distinctive straw boater’s hat, and fashions his trademark glasses out of a pair of musical notes.

“It really is a fabulous honor to be recognized in this way,” John, 73, said.

“The last few years have contained some of the many great moments of my career, and this is another truly humbling milestone on my journey.”

John, who was knighted in 1998, is the second artist to be commemorated under the Royal Mint’s Music Legends series after rock band Queen.

He has sold more than 250 million records, with hits like Candle in the WindYour Song and Bennie, and the Jets.

John has been forced to postpone a lengthy farewell tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Royal Mint also said it was working with John to create a special one-off collector’s piece to be auctioned later in the year, to raise money for charity at a time where many in the sector are trying.