Esra Bilgic slammed on Instagram over ‘un-Islamic’ dress

Esra Bilgic aka Halime Sultan, who has become a household name within Pakistan, once again received backlash from her Pakistani fans to wear what they called an ‘un-Islamic’ outfit.

Esra Bilgic, who essays the lead role of Halime Sultan into Turkish historic drama series Dirilis: Ertugrul turned to Instagram to share her latest photos where she could be seen donning polka dot summer dress.

Shortly after she shared the photo, her Pakistani fans started criticizing the actress for wearing what they called an ‘inappropriate’ dress. They also urged Esra to delete her latest post.

One user said, “Now you are deliberately doing this.. we people give so much respect to you & Halime Sultan .. everyone in Pakistan feels good about Ertugrul.. but now you crossing the line by such un-Islamic types of clothing. You look beautiful as Halime… Masha Allah.. good Islamic dressing is the prettiest in a Woman.. so why you posting such bad dresses. Delete such posts @esbilgic .. it spoils mind of other Muslim women.”

Another wrote, “Besharam banti jaa rahi ho aap bhi @esbilgic .. aur comments delete karke kya karogi… aise fahashiyat faila ke awaam ko kharaab kar rahi ho. We give you much respect.. and you spread such wrong mindset?? Is it good.. no.”

Some fans also came in support of Halime Sultan.

One of her followers wrote, “You look beautiful and you should wear whatever, whenever you want! Ignore the haters. love of Pakistan.”

Another wrote, “1st of all she is Esra Bilgic not Halima sultan she only just play the character of hlima sultan.”

Previously, Esra had turned off comments on one of her posts after receiving criticism from Pakistani fans.