Frank Ocean's brother Ryan

Frank Ocean’s brother Ryan Breaux pronounced dead following a car crash

American singer Frank Ocean’s younger brother Ryan Breaux passed away on Sunday after a gruesome car crash.

The 18-year-old sibling from the Grammy-winning crooner was aboard a Tesla by his former classmate, 20-year-old Ezekiel Bishop when they changed course off Westlake Boulevard in Thousand Oaks in the wee hours of Sunday at around 1:40 am.

According to a report by The Acorn, soon after the accident, Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies drove to the scene where Breaux’s vehicle was ablaze.

Both Breaux and Bishop — members from the Oaks Christian High School Class of 2019 — were declared dead by the department on the scene.

At present, it remains unclear who was driving the vehicle and what led to their car crash. However, authorities presume one part that could’ve led to the fatal accident may have been speed.

Talking to KTLA, Deputy Wendell Campbell said: “The speed limit is north of 45 mph. It’s a nice long stretch of road, so sometimes people do pick up speed.”

The department is currently awaiting the notification by the Ventura County Medical Examiner identifying the next of kin before the official identities of the victims can be released.