Prince Harry

Is Prince Harry having Adele company close to Meghan Markle’s home in LA?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are neighbors with popular singer Adele in the Beverly Hills gated honor community of Los Angeles. 

According to New Idea, Harry has reportedly been spending time with the British songstress at her residence and having some drinks together. 

 “Hanging out with Adele has treated him find some understanding of normality,” the grapevine revealed. “She’s a real laugh to be around and loves a drink, just like Harry managed to be before Meghan. Adele has been a breath of clean air in his life and his port in the storm of life in LA, which he’s not exactly loving,” the source added. 

Apparently, “Meghan got out from one of her staffers at the house when she was looking for him one evening,” the dubious source added. The unverified grapevine further said that Harry did not hide it from the former Series actress. It was clearly Meghan who did not notice it. 

“She’s become so obsessed with trying to force their lives here to go as she planned, despite all the craziness in the world derailing her, that she didn’t even see it coming that Harry would seek help in another woman,” the insider added.

 Apparently, the musician and former royal family member have been hitting the bar at least once a week at her place. 

However, the source made it a point to mention that the two have not been included in any “inappropriate” activities. “It’s not really a flirty situation from what I’ve been told, though Harry has been extremely effusive in his praise about how fantastic Adele looks,” alleged the source.

Meanwhile, the requirements have not been tested by paparazzi shots submitting the same, hence they should not be taken too seriously.