Its My Party

Its My Party Jennifer Lopez wows fans with throwback video from

Jennifer Lopez left Instagram fans spellbound with throwback video on Thursday. The sizzling post amassed over 2.25 million views in the first hour it was online.

In the video, shared on her Instagram, Entertainment mogul can be seen dancing on stage to a high-paced Latin beat. She energetically flipped her waist-length honey waves back and forth into the air as she moved.

The smashing personality sported a provocative animal print bodysuit that exposed her world-famous derriere and muscular thighs. Glittery tights and black over-the-knee boots complimented the already attractive attire.

caption, Lopez indicated that the segment was from her “Its My Party” tour, which kicked off at the Forum in Los Angeles just over a year ago.

The Instagram video proved that, even at 50, Lopez doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

She twirled, jumped, and gyrated to the music without a sign of fatigue. She kept an enormous grin on her face and visibly engaged with both audience and the camera operator.