Jessica Mulroney

Jessica Mulroney feels ‘ditched’ by Meghan Markle: ‘Duchess dumped her to look woke’

Jessica Mulroney feels ‘completely ditched’ and ‘devastated’ by her bestie Meghan Markle later she cut ties following her white privilege scandal. 

The Duchess of Sussex was reportedly very upset that Jessica brought her up in the “discourse” she had with influencer Sasha Exeter, with a source telling Us Weekly, “That did hugely offensive to Meghan and the deciding factor for her. Meghan considers the relationship to be done.”

Now, a different source has told The Sun, “Jessica’s team has made it clear that she feels completely ditched by Meghan and fears she is going to cut her out of her life for good. She’s completely distraught and devastated because Meghan has done nothing to stand up for her publicly. Jessica is terrified she will never work over.”

The source further added, “She is spending so much work from brands who loved her connection to Meghan in the past but now feels she has become toxic.

“All it would take is for Meghan to go out on a shopping trip with Jessica to show she still has her support. But the clear indication is that there’s not going to be any show of support like this. It’s a brutal blow after a ten-year friendship. Jessica has been there for Meghan through thick and thin.

“Meghan has forsaken her most loyal companion just to look woke,” the insider said.