Kate Middleton hardly made Meghan Markle feel

Kate Middleton hardly made Meghan Markle feel welcomed in the royal family

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s friendship had hardly ever crossed the bonds of custom but in spite of the differences, the former always hoped for Kate would reach a helping hand amidst surging strains.

As per an excerpt from Finding Freedom, after her move to Los Angeles, California, the Duchess of Sussex had hoped for Kate to reach out to Meghan in the middle of the family drama to bridge gaps.

The book, written by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, claims that the Duchess of Cambridge “did mean to bridge the divide” between Harry and William or to roll out a red carpet for Meghan to feel more welcome in the family.

“Though it was not significantly her responsibility, Kate did little to bridge the divide. She was fiercely loyal to her husband and his family,” said the book.

As per the writers, “the gap between the brothers only widened” following the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan in 2018.

“William and Kate’s feelings seemed open to the Sussexes that summer and beyond. Among all the friends and family Harry and Meghan hosted at their house in Oxfordshire between May 2018 and March 2019, the Cambridges failed to visit,'” write Scobie and Durand.

“Meghan would agree with the charge that the duchesses were not the best of friends. Their relationship hadn’t progressed much since she was Harry’s girlfriend. Although Meghan force has understood Kate’s wariness to strike up a meaningful friendship, they were still no closer by the time she was a fellow senior working member of the royal family and the wife of William’s brother,” they wrote.

“Flowers for her birthday were nice, but Meghan would far rather have had Kate check in on her during the several difficult times with the press,” it was further added.

It was also noted that the two duchesses may not have been the best of friends but they were also definitely ‘not’ at war with each other either.

“Meghan was disappointed that she and Kate hadn’t bonded over the position they shared, but she wasn’t missing sleep over it. According to a source, Kate felt they didn’t have much in common ‘other than the fact that they lived at Kensington Palace,” they said.