Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry likely to skip UK return next year

Talk has been spiraling of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle returning to the UK next year, but it looks like fans may have to wait a bit longer.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliam claims that while the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may not want to return to the royal fold, Harry would want his military titles to be returned to him.

Speaking to Express, Fitzwilliam said: “I don’t expect Harry and Meghan would want a route back into the Royal Family. They have largely achieved what they set out to do, are financially independent and await the end of the pandemic, so they can launch Archewell.”

“I do think Harry would like his military links returned and this will be discussed when the Sandringham Summit is reassessed before the end of March next year,” he said.

He went on to address their latest partnership for Archewell foundation that aims to construct a series of Community Relief Centres for emergency situations.

Fitzwilliam claims the partnership will be advantageous for the pair as it has wide reach across the globe while UK is “clearly less important to them.”

“Archewell is a non-profit charitable organization and I would expect it to champion diversity, female equality, the environment, mental health and other causes close to their heart,” he said.

“World Food Kitchen is particularly appropriate as they have a global reach. The UK is clearly less important to them,” he added.