Meghan Markle and Prince Harry live by their children in California

Meghan, Prince Harry’s marriage pressure’ intensifies: ‘They only have each other’

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry live by their children in California

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are turning to one additional during testing times.

The couple, who quit as senior royals in 2020, now live in California along with their kids. As they re-build their brand value as philanthropists, both Meghan and Harry only have ‘each other. Royal expert Angela Mollard tells Sunrise: “What worries me about Harry and Meghan as a couple, is that they’re not supported by family.

“They don’t have the bedrock of people around them, really strong relationships for themselves, for their children to just act sometimes maybe as a sounding board.”[or] just as a trusted place to just be”.

She added: “They really [only] have each other and that’s a lot of pressure on a marriage.”

Ms. Mollard also described both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as “combustible characters”.

She added: “I mean, we see by Meghan’s relationship with her father, you know, that horrible tension that has taken place there.

“I’m not saying anyone is right or wrong in that relationship.

“[and] of course, we know that William and Harry that, you know, they’ve fallen out, so they [Meghan and Harry] are very combustible characters”.

“They want to be showing the world they’re a bonded couple and that they love one another, that they adore one another, that they’re supportive,” said Judi James of their Jubilee appearance.