Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera wasn’t the first victim of Lake Piru which should now be proven treacherous

Naya Rivera’s mysterious disappearance must send shock waves and sent fans and fellow industry insiders in a state of mourning.

The Glee actor had headed towards treacherous waters of Lake Piru with her son, four-year-old Josey earlier this week on Wednesday.

According to her son, his mother had gone for a bath but never returned. And while the search for the actor continues rigorously, multiple reports have emerged about the already-dark history of the lake where the actor is believed to have drowned.

The lake is situated in a reservoir in southern California where multiple other deaths have also been reported due to accidents believed to be similar in nature as Rivera’s case.

As per reports, the accidents had reportedly occurred due to factors like low visibility, debris, strong winds, whirlpools and cold water temperatures.

In a press conference, Ventura County Sheriff officer Chris Dyer also cited the same ‘dangerous’ reasons as to why the search for the actor had to be paused at night.

“We’re talking during the day 8 to 10 inches (ca. 25 cm) of visibility in the lake, lots of debris, full-sized trees and debris under the water and varying depths,” he said.

Douglas West, parks and recreation manager had also told LA Times that a dozen deaths had been reported at the site during the 23-year period in which he worked there.

He also said that most of the visitors of the lake hadn’t been experienced swimmers and did not take protective measures like wearing life jackets either.