Prince Charles and Camila’s

Prince Charles and Camila’s ‘G and F’ bracelet was a ‘figment of Diana’s imagination’

Many of The Crown fans are perhaps familiar with the infamous bracelet that Prince Charles gifted to Camila right before he married Princess Diana.

And while some may believe that to be an accurate depiction, royal expert Sally Bedell Smith claims that was hardly the case.

Speaking on the Royally Obsessed podcast, Smith spoke about that the bracelet story and the terms ‘Gladys and Fred’.

“The bracelet story was told to me by the man who was in charge of the bracelets. Solid source. This is kind of typical Prince Charles. Before he got married, he decided to have a bunch of gifts made for special people in his life,” she said.

“There were maybe a dozen. One went to Kanga Tryon, with whom he also had a little fling, and one went to Camilla. It was a very simple bracelet, a little gold bracelet, with a blue disk on it,” she went on to say.

“It just said ‘GF’ and ‘GF’ meant ‘Girl Friday’. That’s what he jokingly called her. So the whole idea of ‘Gladys and Fred’ and the pictures of this monogrammed G and F with an ampersand in the middle just didn’t happen,” she said.

“‘Gladys and Fred’ was a figment of Diana’s imagination. It really was ‘Girl Friday’,” she added.