Prince Harry

Prince Harry ‘even hopes’ for military title reinstatement in Megxit review: report

Royal experts and commentators trust Prince Harry is “holding out hope” for having his military titles reinstated.

This notice was discussed at length by royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliam during his interview by

He was quoted saying, “It has been a momentous year for them, they have hardly ever been out of the news and though the invasion of their privacy was one of the reasons they found royal life so demanding, they have experienced intrusion subsequently and this may well periodically happen.”

“They have achieved financial independence with a highly lucrative deal with Netflix and also to produce podcasts for Spotify as good as future engagements for the Harry Walker Agency and launching their non-profit charitable organisation, Archewell when circumstances permit. They will count this as a plus as they are free of any obligation to the British taxpayer.”

During her question with the publication Mr Fitzwilliams also shed light on Meghan’s investment into the vegan coffee blend Clevr Blends.

He claimed, “When Meghan revealed that she invested in a Clevr Blends she made an error of assessment, there are dangers in such links with commercial products. Their language is considered far too ‘woke’ by many in Britain but their aim is to speak to the younger generation especially in the United States and the wider world.”