Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle get endorsed by Princess Eugenie with her subtle move

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have got some hidden support from Princess Eugenie following their exit from the royal family.

This was suggested by her latest move where she expressed her desire for her child with Jack Brooksbank to live a private life, so much like Harry and Meghan had wanted.

Eugenie’s child will be 11th in line to the British throne but the mum-to-be still wants her kid to have a private life.

Speaking to Express, royal expert Marlene Koeing said that her desire to keep the baby away from the spotlight won’t be so challenging to attain as the “baby will be a great-grandchild of a sovereign, not even a grandchild of the sovereign”.

According to reports, Eugenie has maintained close ties with the Duke of Sussex even after they called it quits with the British royal family in January this year.

Earlier, Cosmopolitan had reported that Eugenie turned down the request of her baby getting a royal title, much like Harry and Meghan.

“Eugenie knows a title can be a curse as well as a blessing, and she and Jack want their baby to live an ordinary life and eventually work to earn a living. Titles really don’t matter to Jack and Eugenie, they just want a happy, healthy child,” they said.