Prince William

Prince William opens up about challenges of homeschooling amid lockdown

Prince William got candid about homeschooling two of his school-going kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, amid the ongoing pandemic. 

During a recent Zoom call that appeared on the new BBC documentary Football, Prince William and Mental Health, the Duke of Cambridge joked to the other parents, “Homeschooling is fun, isn’t it?” 

He then added, “You start to worry about how little you remember from your school days when you can’t do the maths questions at home.”

Former England goalie Joe Hart quipped that he didn’t know phonics existed, though his 5-year-old child did.

“The challenges of lock down, hey!” Prince William replied.

Earlier, Kate Middleton had also talked about the challenges of homeschooling during a rare interview with BBC. 

“Don’t tell the children, we’ve actually kept it going through the holidays,” the royal mom said. “I feel very mean!”

“The children have got such stamina, I don’t know how,” Kate added. “Honestly, you get to the end of the day and you write down the list of all the things that you’ve done in that day. So, you pitch a tent, take the tent down again, cook, bake. You get to the end of the day — they have had a lovely time — but it is amazing how much you can cram into one day, that’s for sure.”

During another interview on ITV’s This Morning, Kate said,  “We’re stuck into homeschooling again. George gets very upset because he just wants to do all of Charlotte’s projects. Spider sandwiches are far cooler than literacy work!”