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Priyanka Chopra urges women to demand change in the Girl Up summit

Priyanka Chopra teamed up with Meghan Markle to speak up about women empowerment on Tuesday to the Girl Up Leadership Summit.

Joining the conference virtually, the Bollywood actor spoke about how women aren’t ‘fairly’ given the same opportunities and how crucial it is for them to persistently keep up the fight for their rights.

“The women who appeared before us fought for our right to vote and to work – today we don’t even think about it! Now it’s our turn to do the same for future girls,” she said.

“You don’t need millions of fans on social media to make a difference. All you need is heart, drive, and commitment. No act is too small. No age is too young,” she added.

Detailing the struggles of refugees and how the pandemic has intensified their challenges, the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador said: “To know that even social distancing is a privilege –because people living in extreme poverty and refugees sheltering in makeshift tents, don’t have the luxury of staying six feet apart.”

Meghan Markle too had joined the conference by her keynote address that encouraged young women to use their voices in a time when they “have never been more urgently needed.”

The former royal appeared in a video recorded message, by the end of the ‘Time is Now’ Women in Leadership Plenary, donning a blue top with her hair long and straight.

In her speech, Meghan talked about the changes young women are creating in the world and urged them to push the envelope more.

“It’s such a joy to speak to you today. To young women throughout the world who aren’t just poised to change the world; but have already begun changing the world,” Meghan said.