Queen Elizabeth's palaces

Queen Elizabeth’s palaces under attack as kids ordered to vacate royal residences

Queen Elizabeth and her children have been asked to vacate royal residences as danger looms over their extremely luxurious, palatial abodes.

As revealed by Graham Smith, founder of anti-monarchist group ‘Republic,’ the British government should only allow the Queen a residence, and all her children and grandchildren should find a home elsewhere.

Suggesting that the UK taxpayers do not ‘owe the entire royal family a house,’ Smith blasted, “Balmoral and Sandringham are arguably private property, but we do not need to provide them with two large estates which we then have to fund in terms of security and travel.

“There are more than 20 homes given to the royals by the state, we need to return all of them to the state. We do not owe them houses, we do not owe them a living, we do not owe them anything,” he added.

Smith continued, “The only person we want to provide accommodation for is the head of state which is the Queen. The idea that we provide them with more than 20 large luxurious homes is obscene.