Queen to be driven out by Australia, promises new PM

Queen to be driven out by Australia, promises new PM

Australia’s to leave the Commonwealth and become a republic.

Queen shall be removed as the monarch of Australia, says newly elected Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese.

The Labor Party candidate is adamant about making his country a republican and is planning a referendum in future to remove the monarch.

In their winning statement on Twitter, the party said: “Excellent to see pro-republic Anthony Albanese becoming Australia’s PM.

“Won’t be a referendum just yet as they’re rightly committed to first recognising aboriginal people as the original Australians in the constitution.

“But a republic will happen.”

Earlier, speaking about issues in the country, a spokesperson for the party said: “Constitutional recognition and a Voice to Parliament for First Nations people remain Labor’s constitutional reform priority and at this stage, this is the only referendum we are committed to in our first term of government.”

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