‘Ramy’ becomes first Muslim American

‘Ramy’ becomes first Muslim American sitcom to bag an Emmy nomination

Ramy Youssef’s show titled Ramy has grown the first-ever Muslim American sitcom to get nominated for the Emmy Awards 2020, leaving the actor delighted over the feat.

The Egyptian-American co-creator from the Hulu series was nominated in the categories of Outstanding Lead Actor and Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series.

Talking about the massive achievement, Youssef said The Hollywood Reporter that the feeling was ‘surreal’.

“I’m super thankful, it’s very surreal definitely. It’s so cool because really any nomination on this — and to be able to get three — it’s just representative of everyone who has fought so hard on the show. To me even like an acting nomination is a proposal for the whole show and for everyone who worked so hard on it,” he said.

Regarding Ramy being the first Muslim American sitcom to be nominated for an Emmy, Youssef said: “It’s really interesting because we’re so specific. I think that you watch our show, you realize in a good way that we’re not even close to covering the entirety of the Muslim experience.”

“For a show that only portrays a sliver of it to get recognized, I think that that should mean that we’re going to get many more Muslim stories greenlit because the umbrella of the Muslim experience is so vast — it’s so many different groups, so many types of people.”

“There are so many more stories that that could be told so it excites me for the bigger picture, one that doesn’t even include me,” he added.