Ray Liotta's 'Black Bird' co-stars pay heart-touching tribute to late actor

Ray Liotta’s ‘Black Bird’ co-stars pay heart-touching tribute to late actor

Late actor Ray Liotta’s ‘Black Bird’ co-stars paid tribute to his memories at the premiere of the series

In the wake of his sudden death, Ray Liotta’s co-stars are paying their respects at the premiere of the project, Black Bird.

In a recent chat with ET, during the red carpet for the event, the stars opened up about their memories with the celebrated actor.

During the interview, Taron Egerton who plays the son of Ray in the series recalled the actor’s passion for the script and talked about the on-screen deep relationship they shared.

Egerton reminisced, “I just kind of fell in love with him immediately.” He went on to remember, “We developed a very, very, very close connection, and I had a very special time filming those scenes. I’m very pleased with how they turned out.”

Another star from the show, Paul Walter Houser walked the carpet wearing a T-shirt with Liotta’s Field of Dreams character on it as a tribute to the late actor.

Houser remarked that he was a big fan of Liotta’s work, “So many great performances he left behind. Getting to meet him was super cool, he was generous and funny.”

He then continued, “Ray’s just one of those guys — he just can’t be Ray. He’s sort of funny without knowing he’s funny sometimes. It was a real joy to be in his presence that short time.”

Greg Kinnear shared how he was a fan of Liotta’s even before his career had started taking off.

He recalled, “Way before I was an actor I saw a movie by Jonathan Demme, Something Wild, it became one of my favourite films.” Kinnear praised Liotta and added, “Ray Liotta was a force of nature in that movie, I’ve watched him my entire career. It was such a thrill that he was in this.”

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