Sir Elton John prepares for Netflix

Sir Elton John prepares for Netflix documentary debut

Sir Elton John is reportedly sitting on the release of his Netflix documentary debut and sources speculate the musician is gearing up to rock people’s worlds.

The news was brought send on by a source close to The Sun, and according to that report, “[The documentary features] stories within the Elton John Band which weren’t shown in the ‘Rocket man’ biopic. Davey has Elton and his husband David Furnish’s seal of approval.”

This documentary was previously put on hold for over six years all to avoid clashes with the Rocket man film and Elton’s very own Farewell.

However, only recently did the singer spilled the beans about his fears surrounding multiple project releases. During his time on the Greatest Music of All Time, Sir Elton claimed, “It was entirely right that I should do that as I did not want to get in the way of those project.”

“If it is too diluted then nothing does well. I had a lovely conversation with David [Furnish] the other day in which they were in truth happy that I was going ahead and doing it again.”

“Quite honestly I would never do anything, especially of a documentary nature, about anything we did without them being OK with it. So with this documentary we are in the throes right now of putting together all the last things we demand.”

“There are two more interviews we are looking to get, and we will probably be finished with all the recording by late January, and then we will go into editing, and we will be ready about Easter.”