The Broken Hearts

The Broken Hearts Gallery director says Selena Gomez ’empowered’ her

Film director Natalie Krinsky has said that singer Selena Gomez has been the “perfect” producer to work with in the film The Broken Hearts Gallery.

Speaking to, Krinsky said that Gomez understood her boundaries as a producer and allowed her to express her creativity freely.

“She was the perfect producer, because she was a great creative voice but still empowered me to do my thing,” she said.

“I think that’s always the most pivotal thing with producers, is that they step in when they’re needed, and they also know when to step back.”

The director further said that Gomez “empowered” her to shoot the film however she wanted, while accepting creative input from the singer.

“She was really instrumental, especially in the beginning and a lot of our initial creative conversations, I was taking the reins to direct, and she really empowered me to go off and direct the film that I wanted to make, and I am so grateful to her for that,” she said.

“When we were doing cuts her voice was definitely heard and so valuable, but she is a wonderful manufacturer in that she knows exactly when to creatively participate, and then when to give the artists their voice in the room and I think that comes from being an artist herself. It was a great balance, I would say,” she said.