Harry, Meghan's wedding

Troian Bellisario feared getting ‘torn apart’ with British press at Harry, Meghan’s wedding

Acclaimed American star Troian Bellisario took a trip down memory land and recall how the entire preparation process for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding was no less than a nightmare.

Belisario, who is also the wife of Patrick J. Adams, costar of Meghan from Suits, harked back to the time when the couple was asked to fly across the pond to be part of the nuptials of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

During an interview with Stellar, the Pretty Little Liars actor dished the details of all that went behind-the-scenes as she made ready for the royal ceremony nearly two years before.

She explained that while the enormity of the event itself was enough to make her nervous, the fact that she was hiding her pregnancy back then, added to her apprehensions. “Of program, I [had outfit anxiety], and I had it two-fold. One, because I was trying to conceal the fact that I was five months pregnant.”

“I was absolutely sure that it was going to be revealed. But I also had extreme anxiety about… what are they called? Those hat things? That’s it, fascinators,” she added.

“I’d never needed a fascinator in my life, and here I was trying to walk this tightrope of ‘Don’t go too big, don’t go too small.’ It was a nightmare,” she said.

“My stylist, Annabelle Harron, is really an Aussie, and I called her right before I was about to walk out the door and I was like, ‘Annabelle, this is not a full hat’,” she went on to say.

“And she said, ‘It’s nice, you have a veil, you have a head covering.’ And I was like, ‘If the British press tears me apart, I can nevermore forget you for this.’ And she said, ‘Trust me, I’m an Aussie. I’ve got you!'”