Meghan Markle's hubby Harry's latest move suggests that he's not in the mood to ruin his relationship with the royal family

Will Amber Heard’s appeal against Johnny Depp’s victory achieve the desired result?

Queen Elizabeth’s grandson Prince Harry seemingly wants to make amends with his royal relatives as he has reportedly insisted on not being featured on the Netflix hit show, The Crown.

The Duke of Sussex’s this move suggests that he’s not in the mood to ruin his relationship with the royal family.

Royal fans and commentators have voiced their concerns about the scripted drama loosely based on royals over the years.

Season 1 of The Crown started streaming on Netflix in 2016 and starred Claire Foy as the queen and Matt Smith as Prince Philip.

The streaming platform released the controversial fourth season of the show which portrays the relationship between the Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince Charles and Diana.

Concern grew when royal commentators claimed the show will cause lasting damage to the Royal Family.

In November, the British government’s culture secretary, Oliver Dowden, pleaded with the streaming service to add a “disclaimer” to the series in 2020.

Dowden’s request came after season 4 of The Crown was released and debuted the character of the late Princess Diana, played by Emma Corrin.

The series has already been renewed for seasons 5 and 6. There were speculations that Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal exit drama will be covered on the show.

However, the youngest son of Prince Charles and the late Diana has reportedly pleaded with the streaming giant to not to highlight his and Meghan’s story in the royal drama.

Speaking on Lorraine, the Daily Mirror’s royal editor Russell Myers has claimed that the Duke is “throwing his toys out the pram” over his latest royal demand.

Host Lorraine Kelly asked Mr Myers: “There are rumours about Prince Harry not being at all happy to be featured in The Crown.

“Can he be written out of it, can they do it without him, who knows”. Mr Myers said: “Well, I’m not sure. 

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