Will Smith reveals police

Will Smith reveals police did racial slurs toward him more than 10 occasions

‘Bad Boys for Life’ star Will Smith has opened up about the racist interactions he had with police while growing up near Philadelphia. 

 The ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ star shared his personal experiences with racism and opened up about how he thinks the younger generation can use their “rage” to reshape the future.

Speaking with an attorney and political commentator Angela Rye about the Black Lives Matter movement, the actor revealed that police officers while Philadelphia had used racial slurs towards him “on more than 10 occasions”. 

“I’ve been called ‘nigger’ by the cops in Philly at more than 10 occasions,” Will said.

He added: “I got stopped frequently. So I understand what it’s like to be under those circumstances with the police. To feel like you’ve been occupied. It’s an occupying force.”

“Rage is justified under oppression. It also can be really dangerous,” the actor warned.

The proud father too recounted watching the video of George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police officers.