Hi there, you hit the fashion write for us. We as a Post on our site community publish articles in many different categories. Fashion is one of them.

Fashion is one of the primary categories in which we publish articles frequently.

What are we looking for in a Fashion blog?

About fashion there is immense scope of writing several topics are available to write. We are looking for such types of blogs that contain the latest information about today’s fashion world. Your blog should be authentic that provide relevant and genuine information to our readers which can solve their problem or give them valuable knowledge about fashion. 

Our Guidelines for Fashion Guest Post 

Here are the guidelines regarding fashion Post on our site. Make sure you must follow all of them if you wish to submit your article on our website.

Fashion Topics we accept

Here is the list of fashion topics we would like to publish in our website:

  • Men’s, Women’s and kid’s fashion: you can submit articles about trendy clothes, fashion ideas, latest ideas about dressing in unique ways etc.
  • Occasion special: one can submit posts about occasion special fashion like how to be the perfect groom/bride, perfect anniversary dressing or how to dress up for a job interview/ business meeting.
  • Fashion hacks: this category is a separate fan base currently it is one of the most demanding fashion topics you can write it like Top men/women fashion hacks that actually work but for this you have to do some extra work to find the genuine hack and also it would appreciate if you provide video link of that hack with corresponding article.
  • Fashion Shows: you can write about fashion shows, their details, how they are organized, top looks of shows topper, evergreen classic format of clothes that are used in fashion shoes, about fashion designers and their unique collection you can review them etc.
  • Personal care and makeup tips: Under this category you can provide blogs like daily skin care routine, how to safely remove unwanted hair, Haircare, different hairstyles that suits everyone, makeup tips for special occasions like Navratri etc.

These are some fashion topics in which we accept guest posts. However, if you have any new and unique topic that you would like to share let us know we would be more than happy to introduce it in our Post on our site.

Length of the article 

Generally, a minimum 1000 words is required and for maximum we publish around 3000 words in a single post.

However, word limits can differ for any special topic.

Things to follow before sending an article

  • Plagiarism: Your Content shall be 100 percent original; we do not publish any such article which is available on any other website even if that website is your own.
  • Media: There should be at least one image in your post for every fashion topic and links of video if you are writing an article about a tutorial. It helps readers to understand better.
  • Format: Your post should be in a well-structured format. You should maintain flow of information, make paragraphs small and to the point.

You can check out our latest posts for clear understanding about our format.

Process of sending Post on our site

The process of sending post is very easy you have to just send us an email attaching your fashion guest post with appropriate subject on this id: urlwebmaster@gmail.com